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Felicia Woods-Yates

Felicia Woods-Yates (1,165.03 Miles)

PO Box 454
Needles, CA 92363

Criminal Lawyer
(760) 326-5297
Ryan Duane Childers

Ryan Duane Childers (1,197.72 Miles)

1450 Broadway Street
El Centro, CA 92243

LIT Lawyer
(760) 353-3484
Judith L Lafleur

Judith L Lafleur (1,198.60 Miles)

2442 Vine St.
El Centro, CA 92243-367

Military Lawyer
Susan Helene Brachfeld

Susan Helene Brachfeld (1,242.60 Miles)

82-632 B Highway 111
Indio, CA 92201

Product Liability Lawyer
(760) 863-3840
Robert S Schlifkin

Robert S Schlifkin (1,244.76 Miles)

49-950 Jefferson St. #130-131
Indio, CA 92201

Wrongful Death Lawyer
(310) 918-1399
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Guide to Finding California Lawyer


Where do I find a lawyer in California?

In the United States, many laws vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. California Lawyers are well suited to dealing with unique law and circumstances in the state of California. Additionally, a California lawyer will have links and relationships with other legal and judicial professionals, which may be beneficial to your case. Finding a California lawyer is advantageous for a number of reasons when dealing with a civil or criminal matter in an unfamiliar jurisdiction.

How do laws vary from state-to-state?

Seat belt laws are an excellent example of how legislation varies by location. In California, seatbelt laws are primary enforcement, meaning that you can be stopped and ticket just for failing to wear a seatbelt. This differs from other states that have secondary enforcement, where failure to wear a seatbelt is added to other violations that caused the traffic stop. All persons over the age of 16 in all seats must wear a seatbelt and the fine for the first offense is $20. Additionally, failure to wear a seatbelt can decrease damage awards in lawsuit settlements. This is not the case in all states. Seatbelt laws are just one example that California lawyers that are familiar with these local laws can help you if you find yourself in trouble with the law due to state or local laws and have your cases tried in that jurisdiction.

Why would I need a California lawyer?

All state legal codes are unique to the state. California especially has a lengthy and detailed family law and contract law code. The early formation of California laws led to inconsistent numbering in the legal code and certain ambiguities in enforcement. California lawyers, by virtue of years of experience practicing law in the state, will have the best knowledge of the system and ways that they may be able to help you if you ever unintentionally violate California law. The California lawyer has taken and passed the Multistate Bar Exam, which counts for 35% of their score and has also completed state-specific essays that demonstrate knowledge of California law, an examination believed to be the hardest in the nation.

What are organizations of California lawyers?

The State Bar of California is a mandatory membership organization for California lawyers. Fees are flat and based on which half of the year the lawyer joins the Bar Association. Joining between Jan and May 31 will mean paying the full-year fee of $410. Joining after that will entail a fee of $205. Lawyers that join the bar in December will pay no fee until January of the next year. Fees are paid through and automated system, and only after paying the fee do lawyers appear in the state law directory. Fee scaling waivers are available for lawyers that do not gross a certain amount in a year. When joining the CalBar, attorneys may choose one of 16 law practice sections related to their specialty, as well as certification for specializes in eleven distinct areas. Additionally, there are a number of benefits and discounts available to Bar Association members.

The CalBar provides a number of publications and pamphlets for public and law practioner use. These materials are distributed to members and used to educate California residents about laws that affect them in the state. Among services available to California lawyers are fee arbitration, ethical advice and mentoring for newer legal professionals. The CalBar encourages and facilitates pro bono services for the needy as well as ethical advice and enforcement for members. The State Bar of California does not maintain a lawyer referral service, but maintains a listing of verified and trusted referral services for the public.

How do I know my California lawyer is legitimate?

Admission to the State Bar is mandatory. If you cannot find your lawyer in the Bar Association’s directory, then that individual is either not a lawyer, or has not paid his or her mandatory fees to the CalBar. Do not accept any service or document prepared by this individual if you cannot verify Bar Association membership.

Additionally, you should be able to examine the lawyer’s credentials, including degree and proof of Bar Association membership. If the lawyer does not produce these things, then this is likely not an individual that should be dispensing legal advice.

What are the typical rates of a California lawyer?

As with all legal practices, fees are usually not set in stone and subject to change with the economic needs of the client. In fact, for criminal and negligence cases, fees are typically not advertised and are usually determined by consultation. Typical rules apply, such as working on contingency for accident cases, variable fees for complicated cases and flat fees for providing legal services, such as writing documents. The client must use caution when using retainer arrangements as the lawyer, under the traditional form of the arrangement can deduct as he needs from the retainer and request that the client replenish is as needed. This can be combined with another fee in a “blended fee arrangement” where needy clients can pay a small retainer in exchange for contingency arrangements or extended payment plans.

Jonas M. Grant, a California lawyer posts some of the flat fees he charges for potential clients on the web:

- In-person initial consultation, up to one hour - $275

- Phone or email consultations – Free

- Hourly rates - $275-425, with consideration to time and complexity of the case

- Short emails and phone calls not billable, at discretion of the law firm

This lawyer’s practice also includes flat fee legal service packages, such as a single-owner LLC formation package for $1,250 that includes filing appropriate tax and registration forms as well as legal advice.

These flat fees should give a general idea of how much some California lawyers charge to perform services. Unlike personal injury and other litigation, legal service fees are advertised, allowing the client to pick the best deal. There must be considerations for the quality of the lawyer and the document produced, of course. Some lawyers may have alternate pay plans or different arrangements to pay fees, so it is best to check with the lawyer during the consultation for alternate fee arrangements. Be aware of hidden fees or fees for using ancillary services and personnel, such as the service of a paralegal.

What are questions to ask California lawyers?

How does my case relate to California laws?

Are local laws in effect for this case?

What are your fees and do you have alternate payment plans?

Can I please have all fees in writing?

Can we work out an alternate arrangement that suits my economic needs?

What are my chances of winning a settlement or at trial?

Do you have inclusive service packages available?

Lawyers Title California is a branch of the national organization Lawyers Title that is a member of the Fidelity National Financial family. Lawyers Title California is a title insurance as well as closing and escrow services company that provides financial services to homeowners and attorneys. Lawyers Title California and its parent organization were acquired by FNF after the real estate crash of 2008. Lawyers Title California can help individuals in California protect their property against claims by other parties by protecting the insurance holder’s right to the property in court, even in cases of fraud or unpaid taxes. Lawyers Title California will also examine a property for potential faults, hidden risks and court actions against the owners of the property.

You may use this website to conduct a California lawyer search. Simply go to the “find an attorney” option and type in the relevant criteria. In addition, the California Bar can help you with your California lawyer search through the use of its member directory. If you would prefer to end your California lawyer search with a referral from a trusted source, the California bar also maintains a list of referral services that can refer you to a suitable lawyer. When engaging in a California lawyer search, consider potential fees for consultations as well as referral fees that may be charged to the consumer by referral services. Be sure to consult a number of different attorneys and firms with engaging in a California lawyer search for the best lawyer.

Attorney fees and costs provisions in California law require automobile manufactures to pay the costs for the time spent with the manufacturer by the lemon lawyer. California entitles the purchaser of a lemon automobile to a full refund, payoff of loan balance and a replacement vehicle, in addition to civil penalties against the manufacturer. A lemon lawyer in California is experience in dealing with California lemon law, and with a retainer can secure your rights against the manufacturer under state law. When looking for a lemon lawyer California, look for an attorney that offers free consultations. Here you will receive a risk free assessment about the cost of hiring a lemon lawyer. California law is generous to individuals that seek redress against auto manufacturer and a lemon lawyer in California can help you recover those rights.

The Super Lawyer rating service rates to top lawyers in the county, by location and specialty. When seeking one of many California Super Lawyers, it helps to know about the selection criteria. To be vetted as a California Super Lawyer, one must receive formal nominations from other lawyers, with high points value to lawyer’s outside of the practitioners’ firm. After the nomination process, there are a number of evaluation criteria that the rating service will use to rank the potential California Super Lawyers. Individuals classified as California Super Lawyers cannot exceed more than 5% of the lawyers in the state. Those that achieve California Super Lawyers status can pay to be included in special advertising sections put out by the Super Lawyer rating service, increasing their exposure. Individuals cannot pay outright to become one of the California Super Lawyers.

There are some specialized attorneys that practice in the budding field of internet law. A California internet lawyer can deal with internet defamation stemming from disputes and can pursue civil litigation, if necessary. A California internet lawyer can also deal with instances of hacking and fraud perpetrated by others including cyber-attacks through bots and data theft. A California internet lawyer can help you notify customers of security breaches and help you take remedial action to prevent the event from occurring again. One of the more important functions of a California internet lawyer is to ensure with new and emerging legislation on internet law, so this is valuable for any business that relies heavily on the internet. California internet lawyers as well as internet lawyers in general are unique due to their investigative functions in discovering the perpetrators, in addition to bringing them to court.

A California search engine optimization lawyer also practices in a growing field of legal professionals that assists businesses with developing and maintaining an internet presence. A California search engine optimization lawyer helps to identify and integrate specific keywords into the client’s website that will increase the number of users that see and visit the website when they do a specific search. A California search engine optimization lawyer is useful in that thy can fulfill multiple roles regarding internet safety and compliance while avoiding legal issues stemming from the use of SEO.

When seeking a California lawyer referral, the best place to start is that the website of the California Bar Association. Although the Bar Association cannot refer you to an attorney, the website offers a directory to find a lawyer in California. In addition, there is also a directory of authorized California lawyer referral services. Be aware of associated fees and obligations when using a California lawyer referral service. Informally, you can speak with a trusted lawyer for a California lawyer referral to find another lawyer that will better suit your needs. To find a lawyer in California, pay attention to related fees for consultations. While some lawyers may offer free in-person consultations, others may only offer this service over the phone or email. The selected California lawyer referral service can inform you of these fees, or may have preexisting agreements with listed attorneys to waive certain fees.

A California lawyer referral is the best way to find a lawyer in California, but as always, conduct your own research, vet the credential of the lawyer and pick a lawyer whose personal style and values you are comfortable with.

California Lawyers for the Arts is an organization of lawyers that specifically provides legal services for artists and owners of creative works. Among the services that California Lawyers for the Arts provides to the artistic community are dispute resolution and education on legal services. Membership in the California Lawyers for the Arts varies by organizational and individual rates and makes distinctions for artists, patrons, corporate sponsors, students, seniors and types of attorney. The California Lawyers for the Arts lobbies the state government on arts advocacy issues such as increasing per capita funding for arts programs in schools and other institutions. The California Lawyers for the Arts cites the impact of the arts on preventing crime, juvenile delinquency and repeat offenders in prison.

There are many ways by which an individual may find lawyers in California. You may use this website’s search function to find a lawyer in California. Additionally, you may use a California lawyer directory, compiled by the State Bar of California. California directories are available that list attorneys that have met the standards of the listing organization. Check the criteria of the listings when trying to find a lawyer in California. Lawyers in California usually offer free consultations and work on contingency for accident and negligence cases. For all other cases, expect lawyers in California to charge standard hourly and flat rates for providing legal services. Retainers are common in cases that may be lengthy and require the continued service of one or more lawyers. California lawyer referral services can also be helpful to find a lawyer. California, in making bar association membership mandatory, maintains a mechanism to watch and discipline lawyers that violate professional and ethical standards.

Remember that even if you are from outside the state and have a trusted lawyer in your home jurisdiction, you may be better off finding an expert on California laws that can serve as your lawyer. California has a unique legal code and many laws are subject to change that may make it difficult for an out-of-state attorney to keep track of developments.

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