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Andrew L Todesco

Andrew L Todesco (6.27 Miles)

Suite 1550
Houston, TX 77024

Injury Lawyer
(713) 780-0461
Alan D Bynum

Alan D Bynum (6.73 Miles)

2401 Fountain View
Houston, TX 77057-482

Injury Lawyer
Cecil B. Jr Stephenson

Cecil B. Jr Stephenson (7.83 Miles)

1065 Bingle Rd
Houston, TX 77055-663

Injury Lawyer
(713) 529-1000
Brent P.C Carpenter

Brent P.C Carpenter (8.62 Miles)

5750 Homeward Way
Sugar Land, TX 77479

Injury Attorney, Product Liability Lawyer
(713) 565-6561
David Redford

David Redford (8.82 Miles)

1177 West Loop South
Houston, TX 77027

Injury Lawyer
(713) 629-1580
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Guide to Finding Accident Lawyer


How do I find Accidents Lawyer?

Accidents come in all shapes and sizes but the unfortunate result from most of them are serious injuries. Whenever you are injured due to any type of accident, it is very important that you consult with a lawyer about your legal options. Consider contacting one of the many accidents lawyers available for the following:

- If you or a loved one has been injured in an automobile accident, either as a driver, a passenger, or as a pedestrian.

- If you are the victim of a criminal act that has lead to an injury.

- If you or a loved one has suffered a slip and fall or you were injured on a job site working for an employer.

The injuries sustained in everyday accidents can greatly affect your life and can lead to huge medical costs and lifelong lost income. Contacting an accidents lawyer can lead you towards come compensation if at all possible. However, you will never know if you could be successful in court without first contacting a lawyer.

What to tell your attorney

It will be important that you discuss with your lawyer at the outset the type of accident that lead to your injuries and all about the surrounding circumstances. At the initial intake with the lawyer, it will be OK if you do not have specific names and dates, however you will need to provide them to your accidents lawyer at some point. You will also need to tell your lawyer all about your injuries and the impact it has had on your life. With all of this information, you and your lawyer will be able to start to plan what will be the best course of action to get you compensated for you injuries.

Where to look for an attorney

Many accidents lawyers will advertise their services in the region in which they practice. You may also be exposed to advertisements by lawyer referral services, which are paid by lawyers to get their names and firms listed. While these advertisements can provide you with some names and locations of lawyers in your area, do not rely on any claims or assurances they may provide you. Instead, seek out recommendations from other people in your community or do some of your own research in finding the accidents lawyer that is right for you.

The internet can provide much information that can help you in your search, however it can be difficult to sift through what is helpful and what is not. This website can help you by searching and comparing lawyers in your area. Also available are legal professionals who can answer your questions and help guide you through the lawyer selection process.

Do I need a specialist?

Accidents lawyers can come in all different shapes with many different specialties. You may not have a specialist in your area, but try to find one that works with clients who have suffered similar injuries as you have. It is essential that you find a lawyer who is familiar with your geographical location and is a specialist in practicing laws in the local state courts.

Preparing for an appointment

Preparation can go a long way when you meet with your lawyer. Be ready to discuss in depth what you want to accomplish with legal representation and how you want to achieve it. Bring all available documents that pertain to your accident. If you have any police reports, medical records, or correspondence with insurance companies, bring all of this for your lawyer to review. You will also need to provide specific details about your case, including names, places, times, and dates so that your lawyer can accurately evaluate your case. Once all of this information is gathered and brought to the lawyer, your lawyer will inform you of the next necessary steps.

Questions can be a great way for you and your lawyer to communicate. You will want to prepare questions in advance so that you do not forget to ask while meeting with your lawyer. Your lawyer should be able to help you understand the process and everything you need to know when you meet with him or her.

Evaluating Experience & Education

All lawyers must meet the same basic requirements before representing clients in any state. First, they must graduate from a law school in the United States. Next, they must meet ethical, character, and fitness requirements. Finally, they must pass the bar examination for each state in which they are practicing. While these are the most basic requirements, it is highly recommended that you only use the services of an accidents lawyer that has prior experience bringing lawsuits and representing clients similar to you.

Accidents lawyer's advertisements may make claims that are often exaggerated and sometimes just not true. This is why you must conduct some sort of basic research about your lawyer before hiring him or her.

Personality & Values

Accidents lawyers must have strong litigation skills, which are developed from years of practicing and representing clients. They will be great negotiators, as accidents lawyers must meet and try to make deals with opposing parties all of the time. Finally, your lawyer must understand the entire process and be ready to go to trial on your behalf. While most cases do not go to trial and instead settle out of court, your case may require a full trial, which can be a highly technical and time consuming process.

While most accidents lawyers are professional and trustworthy individuals, you must always be wary of unethical behavior that can greatly affect you and your case. Always make sure your lawyer is properly meeting deadlines and keeps in contact with you to update you about the case. If you feel your lawyer is acting inappropriately with you, contact your state bar association in order to learn about your rights and file an consumer complaints if necessary.

Rates, Fees & Retainers

There are all different ways in which an accidents lawyer may charge for their services. Always be aware of the fees and expenses you are facing and get any agreements in writing from your lawyer.

A Contingency Fee is a way of calculating lawyer fees at the end of the process. A lawyer will only take their fee if they successfully win a monetary award for their client. They will typically take 30% to 40% of the final amount. This can be very helpful for clients who cannot afford upfront costs and protects them from unsuccessful cases.

An Hourly Rate is when a lawyer will count up all of the time they spent on the case and bill based on an hourly formula. Often, these lawyers will require a retainer fee, which is an upfront payment that will be deducted as legal work is completed. Be wary of hourly rates for accident cases, as the costs quickly skyrocket with no guarantee of success.

Interviewing your attorney

Ask you accidents lawyer the following questions:

How long have to been practicing in this area of accident law?

Have you had past success?

Are you licensed to practice in this state?

How strong is my case?

What are your rates and fees?

What services will you provide me for these fees?

When can I contact you for updates?

When will you contact me about the case?

Bicycle Accident Lawyer:

A bicycle accident lawyer is a legal specialist within the field of personal injury law. Bicycle accident lawyers file claims against entities and other individuals who, through their negligent or reckless behavior, impose injuries on the aggrieved party.

Bicycle accident lawyers are experienced in filing lawsuits on behalf of their clients (individuals who are injured in a biking accident because of another party’s negligence or reckless behavior). Because of their experience and omniscience in regards to personal injury suits, bike accident lawyers are adept at filing claims to secure compensation for their victimized client. The compensation is used as a reimbursement for costs associated with convalescence, lost wages, psychological distress and repair costs for the bike.

In addition to securing compensation, a bicycle accident lawyer can help their clients with medical treatment, payment of outstanding bills, processing advancements for expenses and expedite the repair costs related to their client’s property.

If you are involved in a bicycling accident—that was triggered by another party’s negligence or reckless behavior—you should consult with bike accident lawyers in your area. Because a bicycle accident lawyers are personal injury attorneys, the majority of these councilmen operate under a contingency fee schedule. This fee-structure requires a client to only pay a percentage of a settlement if one is awarded; bicycle accident lawyers are not paid if a settlement is not awarded.

A bicycle accident lawyer is a highly-specialized legal professional who provides representation for any party injured in a biking accident. A bike accident lawyer will possess a keen understanding of a jurisdiction’s laws regarding appropriate bike use and an entity’s responsibility to maintain parking lots, sidewalks and other pubic grounds.

Bicycle accident lawyers are types of personal injury representatives who not only possess an understanding for bicycling and the inherent risks involved, but also a love for the sport, that affirms a connection to their prospective clients. A bike accident lawyer will typically join a law firm that specializes in filing claims for victims of biking accidents.

Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer:

A motor vehicle accident lawyer is a legal professional who practices within the field of personal injury. Motor vehicle lawyers are specialized attorneys who are knowledgeable with not only personal injury law, but also traffic laws and the determination of liability. Through this knowledge, motor vehicle accident lawyers have the ability to streamline the filing of an auto accident claim; they use their jurisdiction-specific knowledge to expedite the filing and increase the likelihood of securing a settlement.

A motor vehicle accident lawyer employs a broader practice than a car accident lawyer would--motor vehicle accident lawyers can represent clients who have been involved in motorcycle wrecks, tractor trailer accidents or any accident involving a motor vehicle. Because motor vehicle accidents are widespread and severe in nature, a motor accident lawyer can also assume the role of a catastrophic injury lawyer.

Motor Accident Lawyers initiate claims for clients involved in motor vehicle wrecks. These claims are filed by a motor vehicle accident lawyer to secure compensation for the costs of convalescence and repair and to replace lost wages or opportunity costs associated with pain and suffering.

Motor vehicle accident lawyers are valuable assets for those involved in a wreck, because they have an uncanny ability to determine fault and reveal liability. A claim can only be won if it is proven that the motor vehicle wreck was precipitated by another party’s negligent or reckless actions. This stipulation is fulfilled by the motor accident lawyer through an exhaustive analysis of the accident (study of the driver’s behaviors) in coordination with the area’s driving laws.

Because a motor accident lawyer is a type of personal injury attorney, they will only be paid if a settlement is reached. This contingency pay schedule is practiced by the majority of motor accident lawyers. In addition to this pay scale, a motor accident lawyer will also offer free consultations. These preliminary meetings are the foundation of a client’s claim and will offer an accurate forecast as to the likelihood of securing a settlement. A motor accident lawyer typically will not take a case unless he/she believes a settlement can be achieved.

For sever motor wrecks (the accident precipitated a death or serious injury) a vehicle accident lawyer will specialize in not only traffic law, but serious or catastrophic injury as well.

Trucking Accident Lawyer

A trucking accident lawyer is a type of attorney who practices within the broader field of personal injury law. Tractor trailer accident lawyers are specialized legal representatives who file claims for clients involved in a trucking accident. This specialty is absolute; a trucking accident lawyer does not file claims for those parties involved in car accidents, motorcycle accidents, boating accidents or any other accident that does not involve a tractor trailer.

Given the size of tractor trailers, a trucking accident lawyer will often be more experienced in handling cases that impose severe injuries on the parties involved. Through this experience, tractor trailer accident lawyers are skilled in processing claims to secure compensation. This compensation is used to offset the costs associated with rehabilitation (all medical costs), lost wages, psychological damage, repair/property costs and pain and suffering.

A tractor trailer accident lawyer is skilled at expediting claims and securing settlements because of their knowledge pertaining to traffic laws and their ability to elucidate on liability. A settlement is only awarded if the tractor trailer accident lawyer can prove that the aggressive party’s negligent or reckless actions directly led to their client’s accident and subsequent injuries or damages.

In addition to securing claims for negligent or reckless behavior, a trucking accident lawyer can seek payment from a manufacturer of a tractor trailer if a vehicle defect was the variable that precipitated the accident.

Tractor trailer accident lawyers, because of the vehicle’s commercial use, are knowledgeable of trucking laws and the intricacies (insurance payments, worker’s compensation etc.) associated. This understanding enables tractor trailer accident lawyers to secure payments for their clients if the accident was caused by a vehicle malfunction or a negligent action of a government entity (road problems) or another driver.

Pedestrian Accident Lawyer:

The United States government reports that 5,000 pedestrians die per year in motor vehicle related accidents and nearly 80,000 pedestrians suffer serious injuries when hit by a truck or car. Poor property maintenance, construction, falling debris on pathways, parking lot defects and negligent action contribute to these accidents.

Whether a pedestrian accident is caused by a vehicle or property defect, an individual involved in a pedestrian accident has the right to recover damages for injuries suffered if the situation was precipitated by negligence or reckless behavior on part of the inflicting party.

To file these claims and effectively secure a settlement, a damaged party must hire a pedestrian accident lawyer. Pedestrian accident lawyers practice personal injury law and are effective legal representatives for expediting the claim process.

To secure compensation, a pedestrian accident lawyer must prove that the defending party was at fault for the damages sustained. To prove liability, pedestrian accident lawyers will investigate the following variables:

• The pedestrian accident lawyer must inspect how the driver struck his or client

• Pedestrian accident lawyers will investigate the party responsible for maintaining the roadway, parking lot or sidewalk where the accident occurred

• The pedestrian accident lawyer will take note of his/her client’s actions before the accident occurred.

Any recovery in a pedestrian accident case will hinge upon the duty of care owed by those involved in the accident. Pedestrians, drivers and entities who maintain public walkways must adhere to the laws of the jurisdiction and the road, while exercising reasonable care. To elucidate on the determination of fault, a pedestrian accident lawyer is needed; pedestrian accident lawyers are a valuable asset when attempt to secure compensation.

Boating Accident Lawyer:

A boating accident lawyer is a specialized type of legal representative within the field of personal injury law. If you have been injured in a boating accident you will need the skill and knowledge of a boating accident lawyer to help evaluate your case. If the boating accident lawyer, following an investigation of the case, can prove that a negligent or reckless action of the defendant caused the accident, a claim will be filed to seek compensation for damages and injuries sustained. The causes of a boating accident will vary from case to case. The most common type of boating accident is a collision with another vessel, falls overboard or skier mishaps. The leading causes of boating accident with open motorboats or personal water craft are: operator inexperience, speeding, alcohol use, operator inattention.

Individual states in the U.S. implement their own laws in regards to boating accidents; some states will mandate the filing of an accident report if a boating wreck occurs. Regardless of the specific laws, if you are injured or your boat is damaged as a result of an accident you may be entitled to compensation for the costs associated.

Boat accident lawyers, similar to other personal injury attorneys, operate under a contingency schedule. A client will not have to pay a boating accident lawyer unless a settlement is secured; if the case is won, the boating accident lawyer will take a percentage of the settlement amount.

Boat accident lawyers are valuable assets for individuals involved in boating wrecks. Not only will a boating accident lawyer elucidate the boating laws in the specific jurisdiction, but will also expedite the claim process through a systematic evaluation of fault. Boat accident lawyers will not file a claim unless they feel the accident was caused by another party’s negligent or reckless behavior. If you are involved in a wreck, whether as a fisherman, boater or from participation in recreational water sports, you must contact a boat accident lawyer to evaluate your case.

Bus Accident Lawyer
Bus accident lawyers represent those individuals who have been injured in a bus crash. Due to the increasing congestion of roadways and the rising costs of maintaining cars, a surge in commuting has unfortunately given way to an increase in bus accidents.

A bus accident lawyer is a legal professional who practices within the scope of personal injury law. That being said, bus accident lawyers are specialized council, who primarily focus on filing suits against bus manufacturers, companies, drivers or any party who is responsible for precipitating a bus accident.

If you have been injured because of a bus accident you need appropriate representation. Bus accident lawyers are adept at filing claims so you can secure a financial settlement. The money obtained is used to offset costs associated with convalescence, lost wages, pain and suffering, and property damage.

Bus accident lawyers will provide valuable services to those injured in bus accidents. A bus accident lawyer will evaluate the cause of the accident and file a claim if it can be proven that negligence or reckless behavior triggered the accident. Similar to other personal injury attorneys, a bus accident lawyer will operate under a contingency schedule. This pay structure only mandates payment if a settlement is reached; if a bus accident lawyer does not win the case, he/she will not get paid.

Train Accident Lawyer:

Train accident lawyers handle all railroad related accidents and train crashes that injure the public. Although there are very few law firms in the United States that specialize in rail road litigation, a number of specialists within the field of personal injury law, are experienced with filing train accident claims.

The majority of train accident lawyers do not hand railroad employee claims; their primary focus is public safety. As a result, a train accident lawyer will file claims against railroad companies and carriers for neglecting safety protocol and placing passengers at risk of injury or death.

Train accident lawyers pressure the rail industry to adopt basic systems and engineering safety principles, to help mitigate the likelihood of train accidents. Roughly 3,000 Americans per year are involved in some form of train accident; train accident lawyers believe that through proper installation of protocol, this number can be cut in half.
Train accidents lawyers are valuable assets because they provide legal guidance for those involved in train wrecks. Skilled train accident lawyers analyze the facts of a client’s case to determine the degree to which a railroad company was responsible for the accident. Additionally, a train accident lawyer will also evaluate what compensation the client may receive in a trial or settlement. Effective train accident lawyers will not settle claims out of court for less than the desired settlement of the claim. An experienced train accident lawyer will fight for this amount to fully compensate clients for their personal and medical costs.

Airplane Accident Lawyer:
If you or someone you love has been hurt or killed in an aviation accident, it’s important to seek an experienced airplane accident lawyer to represent you in court. There are a number of factors that could precipitate or cause an airline accident. Aviation accident lawyers will represent clients or their family members for all accidents caused by the following:
• Defective, malfunctioning or faulty equipment
• Poorly maintained equipment
• Engine failures
• Fuel tank explosions
• Runway accidents
• Dangerous weather conditions
• Negligent fueling operations
• Pilot error or negligence
• Airline error or negligence
• Electrical failures
• Mechanical errors
In the wake of a crash, it is important to hire an aviation accident lawyer. These professionals are experienced in investigating crashes and subsequently determining fault. When liability is elucidated, an airplane accident lawyer will file a claim to secure compensation. These payments are used to offset all medical, emotional and psychological costs that arise from the accident. A aviation accident lawyer will typically operate under a contingency schedule; an airplane accident lawyer will only get paid if they successfully secure a monetary settlement for their client(s).

Car Accident Lawyers:
Car accidents lawyers are legal professionals who practice within the field of personal injury law. A car crash injury lawyer is a specialized legal professional who is experienced in not only personal injury law, but also traffic laws and the ability to gauge negligent or reckless behavior.
Because auto accidents are prevalent and severe in nature, car accidents lawyers can assume the form of a catastrophic injury lawyer or a criminal defense lawyer. Regardless of their specialty, all car accidents lawyers engage in an investigation of the evidence surrounding a car accident, including the driver’s state of mind, their willingness (or unwillingness) to follow traffic laws, their driving habits (speeding, reckless behavior etc.) and the root causes of the accident. Through this evaluation, a car crash injury lawyer can ultimately determine liability.
Once a car crash injury lawyer has determined fault, a claim will be filed to recoup the damages associated with the accident. A car accident claim is filed in a civil court—unless one of the driver’s committed a felony that directly caused the crash—and is initiated to compensate the defendant for all injuries and damages sustained.
Car accidents lawyers initiate claims if their client’s injuries or damages resulted from a negligent or reckless action undertaken by the aggressive party.

If you have been in an accident, you may need an accident lawyer to defend you and make sure that you get the settlement that you are entitled to. Accident lawyers work on a contingency basis for the most part, which means that they only get paid if they win the case. The money that an accidents lawyer gets is based upon a percentage of the amount of money that you receive in a judgment or a settlement. Many states have a cap on how much the accident lawyers can take. For the most part, an accident lawyer will usually get about one third of what you get for your claim. A good accidents lawyer will always take your case on a contingency basis.

Instead of using the insurance company and getting a settlement from an accident that may not be fair in accordance with your injuries, you should seek out the advice of an accident lawyer if you have had an accident. If you have had an accident and have been injured, then you should be looking for an accidents lawyer who can help you. The accident lawyer will be one who can initiate a lawsuit, usually against an insurance company. Accident lawyers will fight for your rights when it comes to you getting what is fair for you regarding your injuries. If you have been in an accident and have been injured, you need to have an accident lawyer who is on your side. Accident lawyers will fight insurance companies on behalf of their clients.

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