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Guide to Finding California Immigration Lawyer

For many foreigners, entering the United States for an extended period can be a complicated process. There are many different kinds of visas for those seeking permanent residency. While many immigrants applying for work permits, citizenship or extended stays in the United States can complete the necessary paperwork themselves, some may choose to hire a California immigration lawyer to help them through the process. Here is an overview of some questions to consider when dealing with American immigration law.

What the differences between federal and California immigration laws?

People attempting to enter the United States legally, as well as those charged with entering the country illegally, generally conduct all business at a federal level. However, every state has additional laws of its own concerning the rights of legal and illegal immigrant residents. If you are charged with a crime, a California immigration lawyer can help you determine which statues and laws apply to you.

Different types of visas

Though most European and Japanese visitors do not need a visa to visit the United States for 90 days or less, many other foreign citizens need to apply for a visa before entering the country. This can be obtained at a consulate in the visitor’s home country. There are 18 different kinds of nonimmigrant visas for longterm workers, students, artists and others seeking to enter for an extended. To obtain these visas, they must prove that they intend to return home rather than remaining in the United States. CA immigration lawyers can help meet this heavy burden of evidence.

Foreigners wishing to legally enter the United States and become citizens tend to be those with family here, those with business to conduct or, in less common cases, political refugees seeking asylum. Here too there are many different kinds of visas. If it’s unclear which one you should be applying for, a CA immigration lawyer may be helpful in figuring out what papers to file.

Using an immigration consultant

While legal counsel can be helpful when dealing with complicated bureaucratic procedures, immigrants or visitors who can fill out the paperwork accurately do not necessarily need to hire a lawyer. Some California immigration lawyers also work as less expensive “immigration consultants.” Such consultants are not always attorneys and are not qualified to offer legal advice as to how you should proceed but can help non-English speakers with paperwork and submitting forms. As with any attorney you would hire, do not trust promises of special influence and keep receipts for all of your transactions.

California immigration lawyers and I-9 forms

All American workers must prove they have the right to live and reside in the United States. Since 1986, employers have to fill out the I-9, a federal form attesting that all workers produce sufficient documentation to prove their work eligibility. Like having a certified accountant prepare your taxes, California immigration lawyers can help employers verify all of their I-9 paperwork is order.

Help for illegal immigrants threatened with deportation

Illegal immigrants remain under the threat of deportation once they arrive in the United States. In some cases, you can apply to adjust your status while still illegal, though anyone concerned about the possibility of legal repercussions may want to consult a California immigration lawyer.

In California, deportable offenses include multiple offenses, prostitution or drug trafficking. As in any situation where you are faced with a criminal charge, CA immigration lawyers can may be helpful in making the best possible case for your defense. The idea of “crimes of moral turpitude” is a standard that is often applied as grounds for deportation. However, changing ideas about what crimes justify this designation are constnatly changing.

When faced with criminal charges that could end in deportation, a California immigration lawyer may be able to help you mount a convincing case for why you should be allowed to stay. However, be cautious of any attorney who seems to make unrealistic promises as to what he can do for you. Unscrupulous CA immigration lawyers may try to take advantage of desperate potential deportees with overcharges.

A qualified, honest professional can help you assemble character testimony and documentation of your residency to make the case for why you should be allowed to stay. If it’s clear that you’ll have to leave the state, a CA immigration lawyer may help you make the case for “voluntary departure,” which will allow you to leave the United States and making it easier to return later.

Length of the immigration process

Entering the United States permanently can take many years. There are many different categories of immigrants, and stricter limits upon some how many people from one category can enter a year. While a California immigration lawyer can you help you make sure your petition and paperwork have been filled out correctly, there is nothing they can do to accelerate your becoming a citizen. Be skeptical of any attorney claiming they can help you become a legal Californian sooner.

Applying for a green card

Some aliens can enter the United States without waiting for years to be approved. As with any part of the immigration process, there are many different kinds of green cards a CA immigration layer can help you apply for. Some allow immediate relatives of American citizens to enter the country after filing their paperwork through the nearest American consulate. Others may be able to apply for a green card after entering the country as a permanent alien. The circumstances and odds of receiving a green card vary from case to case. While you can complete all paperwork yourself, you may want to seek the help of CA immigration lawyers to help process your paperwork if you have complicated circumstances.

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